About us

The Canadian Fireworks Association ACP (CFA/ACP) is an association focused on increasing safety and knowledge of Firework Supervisors, Pyrotechnicians and the public in a time where there is a growing demand for firework displays. 


It all starts with a dream, an idea, a concept. Across Canada people have started small fireworks organizations and in time they have met their demise. Either there was a select group of memebers who participated, lack of participation or time itself. Another organization formed before the CFA/ACP with the mission to act as a united front to talk wit the government about regulations.

The Canadian Pyrotechnic Council (CPC) was incorporate on November 1, 2001. With most of the Fireworks industries major companies it went on to handle all proposed regulations by the government. As the CPC grew there was one segment of the industry that needed attention and that of the Technicians themselves. These Technicians often join the Fireworks industry because they love Fireworks. They like to watch a good show, hear the snap of a salute, or debate colour quality (as well as many more details) There is also no global showcase for suppliers, who want to sell to even the smallest company, to affordably demonstrate their products.

Enter Paul Marriott and Bill Raynault. Two people with different backgrounds but share the love of fireworks. Paul who runs www.montreal-fireworks.com (the number one website on reporting about the most prestigious Montreal Fireworks competition in the world) and Bill Raynault whose company, Raytech Animation Inc. offers tools and products for the Fireworks industry. They met at the International Symposium of Fireworks in Valencia, Spain October 2003, and discussed the concept of an organization solely about the fun of the industry.

Once they got home they sent out emails, faxes, and letters to Pyrotechnicians and Display companies across Canada to meet in Mississauga, Ontario and discuss the formation of this organization. On that day Sean Morris officially became the first Board member of the organization which at the time was called "The Pyrotechnics Arts Guild of Canada" (PAGC). Shortly afterwards Paul and Bill were both voted as President and Vice-President and a mission statement was drawn.

As the PAGC grew in members so did its focus. It's members started out as hobbyists, (those who love fireworks but don't do it as a career) then in 2004 the PAGC had focused its energy on representing the entire Fireworks industry and changes its name to "The Canadian Fireworks Association". It took 2 more years before the organization was incorporated officially. With the incorporation the new name incorporated the French version "L'Association Canadienne de Pyrotechnie" and is now known as "The Canadian Fireworks Association ACP"

Annual Conventions

Firework Supervisors and Pyrotechnicians across the country come together to keep up with the latest practices, learn new techniques, and share ideas for the future. The public may attend the nightly displays to watch Canadian's light up the sky. It is a showcase for display companies, suppliers and choreographers.  The convention hosts a trade show, product demonstrations, seminars, competition and of course fireworks displays.

As of this writing we are now in our 3rd annual convention happening in Strathmore, Alberta. The fun continues and the Association is bigger than ever! Join us at our next convention and see the beauty and fun of Fireworks !